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Secure Communications Process


For a partially secure communication form submission process, access our Contact Us page.

Secure communications requires the use of OpenPGP/GPG/PGP Encryption keys (refer to or for PGP related software, manuals, how-tos and instructions) between the parties wishing to exchange secure communications.  Secure communication may be required due to the inclusion of confidential or personal identifiable information, the exchange of trade secret information or any other legal exchange of data on the internet in a secure manner via email.

The process we selected for providing/exchanging OpenPGP/GPG/PGP Public Encryption Keys differs from the process employed by others.  The instructions to proceed are as follows:

  1. Enter your name and company name in the proper fields.
  2. Enter your business or non-free email address
  3. When complete and correct, click on the 'Send Message' button
  4. If Success: 'Thank You' submission webpage appears...
  5. If Error: this Form re-appears...

 Requires Data Entry

Secure Contact Us Form

Email Address: to obtain and exchange the needed OpenPGP/GPG/PGP Public Encryption Key to permit secure communications, we require a commercial or 'non-free' email address (i.e., an employer or a major ISP not to include AOL); however, the actual exchange of secure communications can occur using any email address that supports such OpenPGP/GPG/PGP encrypted communications.  That is, the email address used to securely communicate with us does not have to be the email addressed used to exchange a OpenPGP/GPG/PGP Public Encryption Key.  Continuing, we authenticate the name and email address before proceeding with the next step in the process, so email domains such as,,,, et cetera may pass the automated verification process, but will be rejected during the next step of the exchange process.

Successful Submission: if all data fields are completed and your email address is verified by your email host provider, you will be presented with a 'Thank You' submission webpage with instructions concerning the next step in the exchange process.

Unsuccessful Submission: If this page re-appears (with or without retaining the data you entered), then a data entry error exists.  Possible errors include a required field is empty, your email address is invalid, or your email address was not verified.  We can only process a request that is successfully completed (i.e., you receive a 'Thank You' submission webpage.

Privacy Notice: Personal identifiable information (e.g., email and name) are never provided to, shared with, or distributed to any other party or parties.  Additionally, your IP address is recorded upon each submission, including failed submissions.

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