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Formulating Strategies for Global Success
artwork "When faced with a business or market crisis, perplexing issue, unprecedented challenge or an "event" others failed to properly identify and solve, the astute call on us—Nestved, LLC."

Nestved, LLC is a management consulting firm serving diverse clients ranging from startups to recognized global leaders in their respective industries, as well as governments. Since our inception in 1995, our services have become highly specialized and uniquely differentiated.

Our specializations are strategy formulation relative to strategic, turnaround and crisis management, and disruptive technology ideation and innovation across a multitude of industries, with very unique turnaround and distressed industry/market expertise. We deliver inventive solutions for your unprecedented to seemingly perplexing issues, including sui generis and catastrophic events.

Competitive Advantage:
Our competitive advantage is summarized in three statements:

First, consulting assignments are never just revenue streams to us. We truly consider, and handle, each consulting assignment as if they were for our own business.

Second, rarely are intricate or perplexing issues one-dimensional and elementary in complexity, and the more perplexing the issue, the more factors that require analysis. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not quickly identify the simplest of issues, offer a deliverable, and generate revenue irrespective of whether or not the deliverable addresses the core problem, while pursuing follow on business because the underlying problem still persists. In our analysis, we identify all relevant factors, including pertinent commingling relationships that contribute to the problem, so the problem set is fully understood before a solution set is developed. From our experience, many fail or fall short of achieving a viable solution because the problem set is never fully understood.

Third, we devise a solution set that resolves the problem within the constraints that apply, allowing us to deliver the best possible solution for the problem. We sometimes deliver unconventional—which differs from unorthodox—and "outside the box" approaches when required, as well as true innovation.

Our level of competency is the result of many attributes, most notably, an extensive array of knowledge, the ability to comprehend complex issues with ease, and an aptitude for understanding causality relationships in order to properly decipher the problem set and accurately identify outcomes (i.e., a full understanding of all the critical aspects of the problem set such that accurate outcomes can be identified for each of the various potential solution sets, and based on those outcomes, the best possible solution set is then selected from among the possibilities given the constraints that exist).

Competitive Strength and Differentiation:
Strategy; it is an essential element in every major action, decision or negotiation, and without the proper strategy, success is harder to obtain, and may even be elusive. We understand and recognize potential and capability are the two main attributes most responsible for innovation and success, while acknowledging size, scale, experience and one's level of passion are helpful and useful contributing attributes, but insufficient for delivering true innovation and success.

Our competitors, on the other hand, believe experience, size and scale are primarily responsible for delivering innovation and success, and their firms are built upon such beliefs. First, innovation is synonymous with "never-before-invented." Experience at "never-before-invented," by definition, means experience is lacking, and must therefore be supported only. Second, success is synonymous with achieving a defined goal or objective. Size and scale are attributes, and attributes alone cannot achieve success. That is, presume success is creating a working product design. Success is not achieved when one hundred people engineer a flawed design in one day, but success is achieve when one person engineers a flawless design.

Potential and capability are the reason NASA's Saturn and Apollo program's "first-time" efforts to engineer space flight and its related systems (i.e., life-support, space suit, multi-stage rocket and ball-point pen, as well as the hundreds of other processes and technologies needed for space travel) resulted in ultimate success for such programs, while size, scale, passion and experience were certainly helpful, as well as contributory. The NASA example and others like it demonstrate our consulting philosophy is a definite competitive advantage that differentiates us from our competitors.

Our competitive strength is our comprehensive approach to problem solving. Superior strategy formulation is the difference between delivering a mere remedy—a below average outcome—and delivering the best possible solution.

Selecting the Best:
There are many management consulting firms, just as there are multiple approaches to solving most all issues/problems. The desire should be to select the best possible solution, and for that, you need to select the best possible firm—Nestved, LLC.

Contact Us concerning your issue or crisis, and experience what differentiates us from our competition.

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